Mine Case Studies-Drones Improve Stakeholder Engagement

Drone operator worked with BHP, enabling them to update their spatial imagery database over their Surface Mine Lease site in South Australia.

BHP owns and operates a large 180km2 (18,000 hectare) mine site in South Australia. An accurate, up to date spatial register consisting of high resolution imagery, point cloud and mesh products allows relevant stakeholders to have visibility over current mining operations, and future planning to be conducted for an expansion project. The company flew a fixed-wing drone beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) in order to obtain this data.

The survey area was one of the largest ever covered by drone in Australia to date.

The Results
A total of more than 8000 images were captured over the site. These images were incredibly detailed with a GSD of 7cm per pixel. From the data collected produced:
2D orthomosaic
3D digital twin of the site
Digital Terrain Model
Digital Surface Model
Colourised Point Cloud
The deliverables and dataset types were then able to be integrated into BHP’s GIS system for use and review by many stakeholders across the project.

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