Manage Haul Roads with Drones

Haul road optimisation and maintenance

Planning and Building with Confidence
When expanding your site to new areas, good haul road design and management are essential.

Skyspec’s Kimberly Olsen has experience as a consultant to mining and mineral’s exploration and can help teams like yours identify the most efficient way to design and integrate new transportation plans with current ones. Overlay design files with up-to-date drone surveys provide a bird’s-eye view of the entire project and help calculate the most efficient haul routes.

Haul road maintenance isn’t always at the top of the priority list for mine and quarry managers. Once the haul road is designed and cut, it tends to get forgotten until someone reports a problem. But by the time a complaint exists, a washed-out switchback could have already put your team at risk, and a steep road grade could already have cost you thousands in unnecessary fuel.

Using regular drone data, survey managers can quickly and easily keep haul roads safe and efficient without sending out a dedicated road survey team.

Performing Regular Safety Checks
Windrow Heights
Windrows are a vital barrier to maintain beside all haul roads that are close to slopes. Once our drone has flown on site, we can utilise the latest in tools to check windrow heights from the 3D map.

Switchbacks can get washed out by rain or overuse. Find out which ones need maintenance with our drone survey and take your haul road management to the next level.

Grade, Elevation, Surface Length
For safety, haul road gradients should be less than 10%. To determine if your roads meet this requirement (or to compare reality to the haul road design), our drone survey coupled with specialist tools allow you to see the grade, elevation, and surface length of your road. We utilise multiple segments for curves in the road for the highest level of accuracy.

We can provide cm level accuracy utilising ground control points established with GNSS/RTK and NTRIP.

We’re always pleased to provide you with a quote but bear in mind that before we accept any job and sometimes before we can provide an appropriate quote, we may need to ask you some questions. There are many regulations that apply to the operation of RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems). we’re required by CASA to ensure that we at all times operate in a manner that is safe and legal.