Innovative vineyards have utilised specialist drone companies and tools to investigate ways to improve viticulture. From improved irrigation and soil health, to vigor assessments for selective harvesting and better vineyard management.

Efficient vineyards need constant care to produce good wine. Drones can apply precision agricultural techniques in vineyard management.

Lets Skyspec work with you to determine the ideal use of drones and NDVI in your vineyard.
Using the hyperspectral sensors on our drones, we can asist growers are able to diagnose specific problems and take immediate action. Studies have been conducted where a certain hyperspectral pattern was identified on a vine to indicate whether or not that vine was infected with a particular virus. It allowed them to map the vineyard and figure out which specific vines were infected with the virus.
This sort of information can allow growers and specialists to take action once a certain condition has been identified. With that information, they can make decisions like the exact best time to apply certain insecticides or fungicides. This kind of active versus passive insight is the main difference between NDVI and hyperspectral imagery, but it’s not the only type of information that drones are capturing and providing.

How are Drones Making a Difference in Viticulture?