Digital Twins- Precision Asset Intelligence

There s a growing demand for 3D models/Digital Twins of infrastructure such as cell towers, broadcast towers, bridges and much more. There are very clear advantages to using a 3D model/digital twin, not limited to better collaboration, inspections for safety, overcoming difficult access, and economy. These digital twins can be inspected at will, over and over, without the need to wade through hundreds of images, or reshooting because you images didn’t show what you wanted. So digital twins can be compared over time to spot trends that may require maintenance.

From detailed, high resolution video and photographs to precision reality 3D digital twins we’ve got your asset inspection needs covered.

What makes us different? Artificial Intelligence!
Unlike most asset Inspection drones , ours uses visual orientation, not magnetometers and is fully autonomous, utilising advanced AI.

Difficult to access asset inspections traditionally involve either putting humans in danger, or manually flying drones. Manual drone inspections

– rely on GPS and magnetometers- limiting the ability to fly near large metal structures or where EM interference is high.
– therefore require expensive optics and highly skilled pilots at high cost.
lack reliable obstacle avoidance
-result in insufficient or excess scan data, costing time and money in reshoots or data processing

Our AI drone is capable of completing asset inspections at set resolution, fully autonomously.

Precision Reality Twins enable stakeholders to securely access current, consistent and useable data. Efficiencies are driven through the ability to remotely collaborate on processes including inspections, maintenance planning, strategy development and compliance.

High quality 3D models from drone images, such as is required for some infrastructure inspections requires highly skilled flying, as the semi-autonomous drones require intervention from the operator, to get good capture and to avoid colliding with parts of the asset, particularly thinner wires and cables. To get ultra-high resolution images requires close in flying and skilled flying. Here at Skyspec, we’ve just invested in a fully autonomous AI robot drone that can complete the most complex 3D modelling flights, totally unaided.

3D Model

Digital twins, loaded to the appropriate cloud based viewer can be shared with anyone you wish. The images below are not of the “real asset” they are of the 3d model/digital twin- best viewed with the appropriate cloud based viewer which lets you rotate the model in any direction.

Reduce operational expenses
The immediate savings in inspection data acquisition:
A reduction in the personnel requirements by up to 66%
Up to 50% reduction in the time to complete inspections
A significant reduction in all costs associated with travel
Reduction in equipment expenses involved in data capture
Reduction or removal of human-risk related to data capture

Trend monitoring and proactive management
Trend data ultimately enhances:
Decision making to develop better preventative maintenance strategies
Benchmark assets condition and expenditure
Better forecast operational expenses & capital investment requirements
AI analysis potential- We’re already using AI for analysis of some infrastructure such as solar farms. Expect it to be available for all kinds of infrastructure in the future.

Long term organisational excellence
Evidence-based records that are complete, non-subjective, indisputable becomes the organisation’s biggest asset.
Precision Asset Intelligence can be used as the most comprehensive presentation layer to:
To satisfy insurers or as a dispute resolution tool
Assess and benchmark asset valuation, performance and risk
A tool to identify investment risks and recapitalisation requirements
Leverage equity/debt financiers and investors for additional funding
Quickly access dashboards for transparency between stakeholders
Compile complete and detailed governance records.

Processes efficiencies
Access asset portfolios remotely to:
Reduce site visits requirements
Complete desktop condition assessments Plan and verify CAPEX/OPEX programmes Plan or tender maintenance works

Reduce risk exposure
Reduce exposure to potential workplace injury or death which can cost an organisation millions of dollars.
Avoid costs associated with settlements, legal fees, brand reputation damage, increased insurances, loss of staff morale & potential asset shutdowns.

Our drone for 3D modelling is the ideal tool due to the unique shutter mechanism, not common in drones. This shutter reduces distortion in the images that would occur with traditional drone camera shutters.

We’re always pleased to provide you with a quote but bear in mind that before we accept any job and sometimes before we can provide an appropriate quote, we may need to ask you some questions. There are many regulations that apply to the operation of RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems). we’re required by CASA to ensure that we at all times operate in a manner that is safe and legal.